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LTO 3 Tapes

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  1. Fujifilm LTO-3 Tape Cartridge

    Fuji 26230010 is a Linear Tape-Open 3(LTO-3 backup Tape) format tape cartridge. It has a tape length of 680m which enables a native data storage capacity of 400GB that can be expanded up to 800GB when compressed. It features the use of Nanocubic technology which improves the smoothness of the tape surface and extends the head lifetime. The Fujifilm 26230010 tape cartridge has an archival storage life of up to 30 years.

    Part No: 26230010
    Excl. Tax: £42.80 Incl. Tax: £51.36
  2. HP C7973A LTO3 Backup Tape Cartridge (400GB/800GB)

    Exhaustively tested, HP LTO Ultrium cartridges meet all your demands for maximum reliability when restoring data, offering high storage density, ease of management and scalable storage and backup performance. Covering five generations of capacity - LTO-1 (200 GB), LTO-2 (400 GB), LTO-3 (800 GB), LTO-4 (1.6 TB) and LTO-5 (3 TB) – and with transfer speeds of up to 1 TB/hr for LTO-5, there is a platform for every need and budget.

    Part No: C7973A
    Excl. Tax: £64.48 Incl. Tax: £77.38
  3. IBM 24R1922 LTO3 Backup Tape Cartridge (400GB/800GB)

    IBM LTO 3 enhanced its data storage capacity with 400GB and 800GB of compressed with reliable and outstanding (compassion 1:2). IBM next generation enhanced its data transfer speed with native 80MB/Sec and 160MB/Sec of compressed data. The ibm 24r1922 offers great compatibility with all brands of LTO 3 Ultrium tape drives with backward read and write ability. The IBM LTO3 added new WORM (write Once Read Many) function that is defend storage data from alteration and overwriting. A reliable non-contact improved memory chip with 4KB capacity that helps in dependable and smooth load, or unload development with tape drive and media tape. IBM LTO 3 Tape cartridge improved in general with solid and robust design and available in grey colors with that notable it from earlier IBM LTO 1 and LTO 2 tapes. IBM LTO3 tapes improved with its tape surface quality and increase tape length 680M and 704 data tracks.

    Part No: 24R1922
    Excl. Tax: £69.00 Incl. Tax: £82.80
  4. Quantum MR-L3MQN-01 LTO3 Backup Tape Cartridge (400GB/800GB)

    Quantum media cartridges are manufactured to industry standards for quality and reliability, ensuring low error rates, high performance and long-term durability. Quantum media allows you to archive your data with confidence. The Quantum media family offers you more choices to better manage your data over time, and now includes LTO Ultrium tape cartridges. The LTO Ultrium tape format has been optimized for high capacity and performance with outstanding reliability, in either stand-alone or automated environments.

    Part No: MR-L3MQN-01
    Excl. Tax: £62.00 Incl. Tax: £74.40
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4 Item(s)

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