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Barcode Reader Accessories

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  1. Zebra SG-PS20-SFTHLT-01 barcode reader's accessory

    PS20 Soft Holster, allows to wear the device on the hip (includes belt clip) or crossbody with an additional shoulder strap.
    Part No: SG-PS20-SFTHLT-01
    Excl. Tax: £44.75 Incl. Tax: £53.70
  2. Zebra 50-15400-031 barcode reader's accessory

    Tool Balancer Pulley.
    Part No: 50-15400-031
    Excl. Tax: £86.14 Incl. Tax: £103.37
  3. Zebra 20-66483-02R barcode reader's accessory

    Adjustable stand gives the flexibility to switch instantly between handheld and hands-free usage when using DS67xx series scanners.

    Compatible Products: DS6700

    Part No: 20-66483-02R
    Excl. Tax: £92.38 Incl. Tax: £110.86
  4. Zebra KT-IPODTCH-100 barcode reader's accessory

    - Allows iPOD Touch 5th/6th Generation to be mounted on top of RFD8500
    - Quad Lock case design
    - Will not charge the Apple device
    - Not compatible with RFD8500i models
    - Quad-Lock Battery Door (KTQUADOOR-100)

    Part No: KT-IPODTCH-100
    Excl. Tax: £82.96 Incl. Tax: £99.55
  5. Zebra CBL-DC-389A1-01 barcode reader's accessory

    6.5', required when the PWR-BGA12V108W0WW is used.
    Part No: CBL-DC-389A1-01
    Excl. Tax: £83.56 Incl. Tax: £100.27
  6. Zebra CR2278-PC10004WW barcode reader's accessory

    Zebra CR2278-PC10004WW barcode reader's accessory
    Part No: CR2278-PC10004WW
    Excl. Tax: £115.77 Incl. Tax: £138.92
  7. Zebra 25-153149-02R barcode reader's accessory

    This USB communications and charge cable provides communications from the terminal to the host system. Charger requires power supply (PWRS14000-148R) which must be purchased separately.

    Part No: 25-153149-02R
    Excl. Tax: £64.59 Incl. Tax: £77.51
  8. Zebra Li-Ion 1940Mah 3.7V

    RS507 Extended Battery (1940mAh, 3.7V)
    Part No: KTBTRYRS50EAB02-01
    Excl. Tax: £63.19 Incl. Tax: £75.83
  9. Zebra ADPTRWT-RS507-04R barcode reader's accessory

    It uses instead of the battery for serial interface to the WT41N0.

    Part No: ADPTRWT-RS507-04R
    Excl. Tax: £106.38 Incl. Tax: £127.66
  10. Zebra CBL-MC18-USB1-01 barcode reader's accessory

    12.6 inch cable, connects cradles to each other to run off one power supply (PWRS-14000-241R). Daisy chain: max = 6 terminals.
    Part No: CBL-MC18-USB1-01
    Excl. Tax: £69.86 Incl. Tax: £83.83
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Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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